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Waterproofing Systems

Several companies make exterior foundation waterproofing compounds. Before choosing a product to use on your house, make sure that you research as many as possible and get product literature. I would also recommend consulting your builder and finding out which products have worked well for him in the past. Popular products and manufacturers include:

  • CertainTeed Form-a-Drain
  • TREMCO Barrier Solutions
  • Grace Construction Products
  • Mar-Flex Waterproofing
  • Mer-Kote
  • Tuff-n-Dri Waterproofing (modified asphalts)
  • Rub-R-Wall
  • American Hydrotech, Inc. (bentonite clay products)
  • Chargar Corporation
  • Wall Firma

It helps to know a little bit about waterproofing before selecting a product. The first thing you should now is that damproofing and waterproofing are NOT the same things. While damproofing products are designed to help retard water vapor transmission, waterproofing compounds are designed to stop water infiltration. When applied on the exterior or positive side of a foundation system, these compounds or membranes can be exceptionally effective.

Homeowners have a wide variety of waterproofing products to select from. However, each product is vastly different in their composition. For example, some of these products use urethane, some use modified asphalts, some use clay and some use rubber polymers. Unlike damproofing products, most waterproofing compounds have the ability to bridge cracks that might later develop in a foundation. This is very important because overtime your foundation will settle and cracks will forms during this process. In order for your basement to remain waterproofed, the cracks need to remain sealed. When installed properly, these waterproofing compounds can keep a basement dry for a very long time.

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